Elizabeth works with a select group of clients at any one time to ensure the highest standards.

It is vital that Elizabeth establishes a connection with each and every client from the outset. First meetings are intense and illuminating for both sides and if, after this first session, Elizabeth doesn’t feel a commitment from the client or there is a lack of belief in the process or other warning signs, she normally advises a client not to pursue the program.

The Womans Programme

Elizabeth is passionate about her work with other women.  She created a bespoke “Womans Programme” some years ago and works with many women often at a point of inflection and change in their lives.  She often sees her female clients who are transitioning to or from work, and at certain key points in their lives, for example during points of crisis or when children leave home etc.  In addition Elizabeth coaches many women who work and might be facing challenges in their businesses or personal lives.  For a while Elizabeth only worked with women but it seemed that by limiting her clients to such an extent she was missing some of the overall picture, which ultimately didn’t actually help her female clients.

Whatever their gender, occupation, nationality or religion, clients share a common goal – to take control of their destiny and improve their lives, businesses, well-being and mental state.  We all want to be “happy” and to live our optimal life, but this isn’t about retiring to pick flowers, walk the dogs or watch the sun set every night, this is about living life however you need and want to live it, and enjoying every second of it.

For some clients, coaching is a significant cost and they make huge sacrifices to accommodate this. For others the financial expense is almost irrelevant, but their time is incredibly scarce. For all these reasons, Elizabeth keeps the sessions to a minimum. If you are prepared to do the work that Elizabeth suggests for yourself at home, then you can rapidly speed the process up and have far fewer sessions!

Elizabeth is focused on reaching a successful outcome for all her clients and she will only undertake work with clients when she believes their wishes and desires can be achieved. With an exemplary and proven track record, Elizabeth strives to leave clients thrilled with her service having realised their goals.

As coaching is a really intense (and enjoyable!) process, Elizabeth only works with a very limited number of people per day. This requires her to be selective about client numbers to maintain a professional service and therefore normally Elizabeth has to have a wait list. She would love to see everyone who approaches her within a week or two but often this simply is not possible.  In this situation, Elizabeth aims to conduct initial first meetings with clients as this alone can offer invaluable help, even if the coaching programme cannot properly begin for a few weeks or more.