Elizabeth Hammond is a leading UK individual 1:1 Life and Executive Coach and Mentor.

COVID19 UPDATE – March 2020

First and foremost I hope you are all keeping safe and healthy during these challenging times
I am currently only working with clients via telephone or online live meetings (zoom or other platforms as appropriate) for obvious reasons.
I am also offering free telephone coaching to anyone I can reach from the NHS.
Due to the current situation I would like to offer reduced rates to all of my fee paying clients so please check the fees section for up to date terms


With a long-established background in 1:1 coaching, executive coaching, individual coaching (sometimes called Life Coaching but we don’t much like that terminology!) and mentoring, spanning over 17 years, Elizabeth provides a unique service to her clients.


Elizabeth’s coaching sessions are built strongly upon the principles of neuroscience. All of her coaching is firmly connected to how the human brain evolves both in terms of personality and mental state tendencies, but also health (epi-genetics) and future intentions (quantum physics). This results in fewer sessions being needed, due to the power and effectiveness of these techniques.

Through her vast experience as a leading coach, Elizabeth provides a variety of types of coaching. For example, executive, life, 1:1 and relationship coaching, and counselling. Elizabeth summarises the reasons clients often seek her services in the following:

Clients often realise they have everything they want and need, and have achieved all their goals. Yet, they still aren’t happy.

They want to achieve another level of satisfaction and happiness and to effectively “perfect” their lives, mental states and emotional well being.

Clients wish to be able to master the art of controlling their mind set / beliefs and emotional states.

They reach a tipping or turning point / have confusion and don’t know which direction to take.

Clients are “lost” and have little sense of self and no longer know who they are.


Elizabeth Hammond is one of the UK’s best mentors. We recommend practical and business oriented clients make use of Elizabeth’s mentoring service. For example, Elizabeth explains that, “Using many years of experience running a large company and then running my own businesses, I offer business related guidance in addition to all the normal coaching advice.” Mentoring is usually most appropriate and effective at the senior executive/management level, and the C suite / board level.


She works with a wide variety of clients. These range from leading business people and entrepreneurs, women and men transitioning to or from work, to anyone looking to engage in a deep and thorough self-evaluation. Therefore, this leads to gained knowledge of how to improve their lives and their mental state and well being.

A number of Elizabeth’s clients describe the process of working with her as a Life Evaluation and Transformation programme. We rather like this term so after years of searching for something to try and briefly describe what she does we have decided to choose this.


Elizabeth offers her coaching and mentoring services to a range of areas, including London(her current location), Richmond, Barnes, Surrey and the home counties.