The process

There are various approaches we can use with each individual. Furthermore, there are far too many different tools and techniques that Elizabeth can choose from to detail below without writing an entire coaching manual! However, the main areas of focus are as follows:-


All of Elizabeth’s coaching work has its foundations firmly based in the world of neuroscience.  She has recently studied with Dr Joe Dispenza under his advanced programme and is passionate about linking all her coaching work back to a strong understanding of how the human brain evolves both in terms of personality and mental state tendencies, and also linking back to health (epi-genetics) and future intentions (quantum physics).  This goes some way to explaining why Elizabeth’s coaching process is so powerful and requires far fewer sessions.


The process uses a variety of different coaching modalities and processes to ensure an entirely accurate and honest evaluation of the current situation.  Simply put it’s a very detailed life analysis taking in to account elements and influencing factors from the past, and of course the current presenting situation.  From there on in we work with each client to ensure that we empower them and teach them the skills of coaching and neuroscience to achieve each clients desired outcomes and goals. We teach you how to choose your own mental states, behaviours and patterns of behaviour.  We show you where sometimes in the past certain ways of behaviour, being and feeling held you back and more importantly we teach and show you how to evolve and change.

The process is challenging and requires complete commitment from the client.  It is called Transformation for a good reason and quite literally uses the principles of neuroplasticity to change your ways of thinking, being, behaviour to whatever your desired outcome is.  It’s a reboot and rewire for the brain and a deeply empowering and life changing process.  This is a deeply empowering, powerful and intense process… please don’t come and see me if you just want a bit of a chat!


Using the same principles as above, but also putting this within more of an executive and corporate agenda and focus, we work 1:1 with our clients.  We aim to achieve a balance between the individuals needs and wishes and align them with your executive responsibilities and the overall corporate aims and agenda.  Simply put, we align both the individual and corporate wishes and needs, so that as far as possible your arrows are aimed in the same direction, to enable both of you to achieve the optimal outcome.  Part of this process normally involves the Life Evaluation and Transformation programme.

Elizabeth has worked as an executive coach for over 17 years but has continued to develop and evolve her coaching practice with new and developing modalities and techniques in a fast changing world.


Elizabeth has advised and mentored many entrepreneurs over the years across fields as diverse as financial services, an online dating agency, online fashion, retail …. and on it goes.  Elizabeth has a great depth of experience working across industries and prior to her life as a coach ran a large global financial services business for a US publicly quoted company.  This experience of advising at board level and across different types of businesses is invaluable to Elizabeth’s work as a mentor and also as an executive coach.


Elizabeth created a unique Relationship Coaching product in 2012 and ran a successful practice focusing purely on relationship coaching for a few years.   After years of her own research she put together a coaching product that she is confident can change relationships dramatically and quickly.  Looking at the relationship as its own “system” we work together to focus purely on the relationship to achieve long lasting change and dramatic improvements.  However… we quickly realized that without coaching each individual separately, relationship coaching never ever achieves its true potential and is not as successful as it should and could be. For this and other reasons Elizabeth rarely agrees to any pure relationship coaching unless she truly knows the client/s. We won’t waste our or your time unless we can engage with you following our own protocols and procedures as we believe it will NOT work any other way.

All of our coaching uses elements from the Life Evaluation and Transformation Programme.


Elizabeth has been on a personal mission to improve her own health and well-being and believes strongly in ensuring the mind and body are in total alignment.  She has studied many different principles including nutrition, Vedic meditation and energy healing, and whilst she will not teach these practices to her clients (there are others better positioned to do this who we will happily refer you to) she will give significant advice and information to you.  Simply put, you cannot change your brain functionality and hence mental state and behaviours if you are not nurturing your body through the optimal mix of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.  As part of the process Elizabeth is always keen to share her own knowledge and will give her clients as much advice as they need and want


This is a fast and exciting process where we effectively brain storm around a specific area of concern / question etc.  Anything where you just don’t know what to do and which direction to take, and where you want to work out a precise direction and solution.  If it’s at all possible we will clear through the confusion to reach a clear and defined plan of action to achieve a solution.  Elizabeth uses a large variety of tools from various different coaching principles to ensure the presenting question is fully explored to within an inch of its life!  And then we work with you to put together a detailed plan and solution.  This is exciting, upbeat and very fast paced.  Normally a single session of  90 to 120 minutes is all you need


Initial consultation: 120 mins

Elizabeth explains the process and provides clients with coping tools and advice to assist immediately. During the first meeting, Elizabeth endeavours to understand the presenting issues and history along with the desired outcome. “My meetings tend to be at least two hours.  We get an enormous amount of work done and without fail I find that these 2 hours sessions allow the perfect and appropriate amount of time for us to make really deep shifts, and to have true and lasting impact.  This is quite unusual for the coaching profession and meetings often go on for up to around 3 hours.  IT WORKS!  My style of coaching is intense and involves me sharing a lot of the knowledge and learning that I have developed over 17 years, so it’s hardly surprising that my client meetings are of a reasonable duration.”

Subsequent meetings: 120 mins

Following the initial consultation, Elizabeth devises a tailored program to meet clients’ needs. No two clients are the same and every client receives a genuinely bespoke service.  Each client and each situation is very different, but we rarely need more than 4 sessions.

It is worth noting that many other coaches stipulate a minimum of around 20-30 sessions. The Elizabeth Hammond coaching programme is dramatically reduced on the basis that clients are committed and prepared to do their own homework. Sessions are prescribed only as needed and Elizabeth aims to equip clients with the tools and skills to make profound progress for themselves at home, rather than creating a dependent relationship where a client is reliant on Elizabeth’s services to succeed.